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Did you know?
In 1935 the WPA (Works Progress Administration) started the Pack Horse Library in eastern Kentucky--Women delivering books on horseback to rural areas of Kentucky.  From this program came bookmobiles in 1954.

Bookmobile service is available throughout McCreary County on a two-week rotating schedule for anyone unable to use the main library. The bookmobile carries hundreds of books for Adults and Children including Large Print and Audio.

The following is a guide to areas of the county with established routes.  Current schedules are printed in the McCreary County Record weekly with the Library Notes column and announced daily on WHAY Radio.


The bookmobile always welcomes new stops!

 If you need the bookmobile to stop closer to you, just give us a call at 376-8738 and we can arrange it. We want every citizen of the county to have access to the Library

Special Community Stops
The public is welcome to use the bookmobile at these stops on a two week rotating schedule.

  • Whitley City Apartments on Old Bailey Rd., Whitley City
  • McCreary County Senior Center, Whitley City
  • Quest Adult Daycare, Whitley City
  • Stearns Residence Center, Stearns
  • Mountain View Apartments on Hwy 92, Pine Knot
  • Pine Knot Manor Apts., Meadows Grove Rd., Pine Knot
  • McCreary County Health and Care Facility, Pine Knot
  • Eagle Child Development Center, Parkers Lake


  • Eagle, Sawyer, Parkers Lake - Hwy 90, Hwy 896, Mill Creek Rd., Hwy 27 N. from Parkers Lake, Day Ridge Rd.
  • Beulah Heights, Wiborg, Flat Rock - Hwy 27, Hwy 1045, Wiborg Loop
  • Slavens, Wolf Ridge - Hwy 92, Skull Bone Tower Rd., Clark Hollow
  • Marshes Siding, Strunk Ridge, Sand Hill Rd., - Hwy 1651, Hwy 700, (Alum Rd. and Sand Hill Rd.), George Jones Rd. or Strunk Ridge Rd.
  • Smithtown, Hilltop - Dixie, Old Bailey Rd., Poplar Springs Rd., Hwy 92, Worley Hilltop
  • Pine Knot, Old 27 - Hwy 1651, Areas West of Railroad
  • Pine Knot, Hwy 92, Bethel Rd. - Areas along Hwy 92 to Davis Hill, Old Stephens Mill Rd., Bethel Rd.
  • Cal Hill Rd., Holly Hill - Hwy 592, Poplar Ford Rd., Kidd Cemetery Rd., Sophie's Trailer Park, Holly Hill
  • Strunk, Marsh Creek Rd., Mt. Pleasant Rd. - Hwy 1651, Hwy 1470 East and West, Lum Strunk Rd., Cleamon Strunk Rd.
  • Stearns, Revelo - Areas along Hwy 1651, Tunnel Ridge Rd., Mine 18 Rd., East Apple Tree Rd., Pig Skin Rd.